20 Twitter Tips for Online Teachers

20 Practical Twitter Tips for Online Teachers

Twitter is a seriously overlooked professional tool for online teachers.

 It’s so much more than a time-wasting distraction for teenagers.

Use it the right way, and it becomes a career-boosting tool.
Online teachers can increase their visibility, develop their networks, and get access to a whole world of teaching opportunities that are simply not available locally.

So how can online teachers get the most out of Twitter?

I know you don’t have time to take a course in social media for educators.
That’s why I’ve put together these simple Twitter tips you can put to use right now.

Let’s jump in.

1. Make your Twitter profile sing!Online teachers Twitter tips 1

Those 160 characters create an instant impression and help get you followers – or not.

But how do you write a profile that hits the right notes?
Just follow this guide.

2. Your Twitter header is a billboard. Don’t leave it blank!

This is a golden opportunity to showcase what you do.

Do you have a great photo of you “in action” teaching?
Or a shot of your book cover?

This is your chance to show potential followers why you’re worth a second look.

3. Upgrade your profile photo. Online teachers Twitter tips 3

People connect with people – not logos (or dodgy characters lurking in the shadows).

Show potential followers that you’re a real live human … who can smile.

4. Follow influencers and relevant organizations.

What are the key people in your field up to?
Chances are they’re talking about it on Twitter.
Follow them, and you’ll hear about it.

5. Create Twitter lists.

No-one has time to sit down and trawl through thousands of posts on Twitter.

Create an efficient short-cut, and curate your content by creating Twitter lists.
Now you can prioritize what you read.

6. Focus on work topics.

Don’t confuse potential followers by posting on teaching AND baking, scrapbooking and puppies.

Keep your work account for work, and start a different Twitter account for hobbies.

7. Retweet strategically.

Spreading quality content provides value for your followers, and shows support for the original creator of the post.

Your network just got stronger.

8. Be engaging.
Online teachers Twitter tips 15

Twitter is not a panel job interview.
People are pretty informal on this platform.And you have less time to capture their attention.

Loosen up your bow tie, and speak from the heart.

9. Don’t overshare.

Twitter is a public platform.
Anyone (and potentially everyone you know) can see your tweets.

Never post anything you’ll regret later, or that will impact negatively on your career.

10. But DO share your achievements.

If you’ve just done something amazing, tell people!

Twitter is a great medium for raising your professional profile – without being pushy.

11. Use hashtags in your tweets, not your profile.

Hashtags are clickable links.
Include them in your profile, and potential followers will click away, and forget to come back and follow you.

12. Include a Call to Action in your profile.Online teachers Twitter tips 12 cropped

Once you’ve caught a reader’s attention, what do you want them to do next?
Visit your website? Buy your book?

Guide them to take action by giving them a link to click on.

13. Use images in your tweets.

Recent Twitter research says tweets with images are 94% more likely to be retweeted.
Adding an image is an easy way to grow your network.

14. Respond to comments.

To see who’s engaging with you, go to Notifications, and then Mentions, to see who left a comment on your tweets.
Now you know who needs an answer.

15. Use Twitter as a tool, not a distraction.

Set a time limit for how long you’ll spend on Twitter.
Keep control of how much time you’re willing to invest, and Twitter becomes a career-enhancing tool.

16. Block abusive accounts.Online teachers Twitter tips 18

This is social media – you’re sure to meet some “brave” keyboard warriors.
Block their accounts, and protect yourself from rude or inappropriate comments.

17. Say “thank you”.

In the anonymous online world, good manners stand out. If someone retweets your content, or compliments your work, thank them.
They WILL notice.

18. Share your content.

If you blog about education or publish work online, share links to your articles. It’s a great way to get more readers, and provide value to your network.

19. Use hashtags carefully.

Hashtags are essentially keywords that people search on.
By all means include them in your tweets, but keep them relevant and use no more than 3 per post.

20. Twitter is about clear communication.

There’s no room for filler here – but it’s amazing what you can say with 280 characters if you really focus!

So there you have it – a collection of simple Twitter tips that will save precious time for online teachers.

Image credit: Kudryashka @ Canstockphotos.com

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