There’s a Smarter Way to Teach Online


When you teach online, it’s easy to spend all your time working.

Your students are struggling, so you work harder.

You put in more hours.

You grade papers at lightning speed.

You even answer student emails on the weekend.

Some of this helps.
(Well, maybe – it’s hard to tell for sure.)

Before long, you’re utterly exhausted. Teaching online is starting to look a lot like a health hazard.

But it really doesn’t have to be this hard.

There’s a better way to teach online.

It starts with addressing one key problem…

Many students are simply not ready for e-learning.

No-one admits it. No-one addresses it.

But the consequences are mighty!
They include:

  • Lower course completion figures
  • A lot more work for you to explain e-learning fundamentals
  • Negative student feedback, and
  • Potential damage to your professional standing.

The bottom line is that many students need specialist e-learning support.

But you don’t have time to provide it, right?
You already have your hands full running your classes.

Don’t worry.


I’ve done most of the work for you! Here’s a free resource that can help.

teaching-online-should-be-easyThe Little Box of E-learning Miracles can show you how to teach online without sacrificing another weekend to student email.

Now you can start working smarter – not harder.

This leads to:

  • Higher course completion rates
  • A smaller workload, as your students become more independent
  • Happy students who give positive feedback, and
  • The professional recognition you deserve.

If you think teaching online means working every single day of your life, maybe you’re about ready for a miracle.

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