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To empower online educators with smart teaching strategies that work.


About SimpliTeach


SimpliTeach logoThere’s an unwritten rule in the world of e-learning.

If you run into a problem, just work harder.

But here’s the thing.
That usually doesn’t help.

Putting in more hours simply won’t solve the three biggest challenges online teachers face:

  1. Lack of support and guidance (especially for new online teachers)
  2. Zero rewards for all your hard work, and
  3. Students who are just not ready to learn online.

SimpliTeach was created to help you overcome these challenges – with specific, real-world strategies.

It’s a lot more efficient than working through yet another weekend, and hoping for the best.

The solutions you need come in the form of:


About Me


I’m Dr. Liz Hardy, an online teacher and professional education writer.

For the last 10 years, my focus has been on helping 5,000+ students get a quality online education.Liz Hardy

I’ve taught 25 papers, at all levels, from beginners to graduates.

I’ve worked with students in several disciplines, including:

  • Communication
  • Business Writing
  • Online Writing
  • Course Development & Design
  • Assessment
  • Project Management
  • E-learning, and
  • Adult Education.

This extensive teaching experience directly informs my work as a professional writer.

My PhD in English and qualification in Adult Education also help me write with authority on a range of education-related topics.

I publish regularly with eLearning Industry, the biggest online education community with a readership of 660,000+, and engage an active Twitter community of 34,000+ followers.

Learn more about my writing services here.


And When I’m Not Working…


Liz Hardy personal informationI’m blessed to live alongside 1,000 shades of green in the deep south of New Zealand.

Those majestic landscapes you saw in The Lord of the Rings movies are real.

Up close, they’re even more breath-taking.

Living here is like being part of a moving painting (once you get used to that “gentle breeze” straight from Antarctica).

I share my life with my history professor husband, our little tribe of cats, and about 4,000 books.

This is one shamelessly nerdy household.
We have a dedicated Dictionary Table, and chalkboards painted on various walls (the one in my office is Genius Pink).

Most days, there’s a frantic house-wide search for someone’s lost glasses. We like to think of it as a hobby.

If I’m not teaching online or writing about the world of education, I’m probably either checking the local hills for hobbits, making tea for Gandalph, or chatting on Twitter.

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