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Hello, and welcome.

I show online teachers how to use clever strategies that work in the real world.

It’s time to explode that dangerous e-learning myth:

If you run into a problem, just work harder.

That’s such a terrible idea.

Putting in 12 hour work days for weeks on end doesn’t make you a better online teacher.
It doesn’t produce incredible results.
In fact, it leads to negative outcomes all around:

  • For you – as you head towards burnout and exhaustion, and
  • For your students – who don’t enjoy being taught by a robot (and that will show in their outcomes and feedback).

There’s a much better way – work smart, and work strategically.
I can show you how to do that.

My Credentials

Here’s a snapshot of my professional background.


I enrolled at university as an adult rather than a school leaver.
After a couple of depressing years as cannon fodder in the workplace, I was beyond eager to learn.
I couldn’t get enough of education, and just kept right on studying.
I ended up with a First Class Honours Degree that led onto a PhD in English, a handful of other postgraduate diplomas, and qualifications in Adult Education.

See the full list of my qualifications here.

Teaching Experience

My areas of speciality are Adult Education, and Communications.

To date, I’ve taught 34 papers to 7,000+ online students at all levels, from beginners to graduates.

See the full list of papers I’ve taught here.


I’ve published a book for new tertiary students, and several e-books on best practice for online educators.
I regularly publish articles with eLearning Industry, the biggest online education community with a readership of 660,000+.
I also share my work on social media, through my Twitter community of 34,000+ followers.

See the full list of my publications here.

Why I Love Teaching Online

I believe that online teaching is not primarily about technology.
Sure, learning technology comes in pretty handy.
But really, this job is all about people.

And because I’m teaching fundamental skills, I get to work with a vast range of interesting adult learners.

My focus on the areas of Adult Education and Communications essentially means I do two things:

  • I show people how to be expert educators and trainers, and
  • I teach people to become better communicators.

Organisations of all kinds need staff with these skills.
So I get to learn more about many different industries.

For example, in any given semester, my adult learners might work in:

  • Higher education
  • Human resources
  • Libraries
  • Prisons
  • Beauty salons
  • Transport
  • Airports
  • Waste management
  • Natural therapies
  • Farms
  • Ambulance response teams
  • Vet practices
  • The corporate world, or
  • Government departments!

Helping people develop highly relevant skills they can apply to real world contexts is incredibly satisfying.

But it’s also a lot of work.
I learned the hard way that you have to work smart.

Once I figured out how to do that, I created SimpliTeach…
So I can share with other online teachers the strategies I use to delight my learners – without working 24/7.
I hope you find them useful.


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