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Liz Hardy at SimpliTeach.comThis site is all about real world strategies for teaching online.

It’s not that hard to set your students up for success – without putting in 14 hour days.

There are insider tips for teaching online on the Blog, and a free resource for creating more confident online learners here.

A Little About Me

I’m Liz Hardy, and I’m a professional writer and online teacher.
My PhD in English and Diploma in Adult Education are backed by experience in both disciplines.

My writing experience includes:

  • Multiple education articles published online and on the SimpliTeach Blog.
  • Course material development for 17 online papers.
  • Books which guide new students through online and traditional learning environments.
Elearning 101 makes teaching online easier

E-learning 101 helps prepare new students to adjust to the online classroom.

University for Beginners

University for Beginners is a confidence booster for new undergraduates.

My teaching experience includes:

  • All facets of teaching online: facilitation, assessment, and graduate supervision.
  • Working with 5,000+ online students in 23 papers, at all levels, from beginners to graduates.
  • Expertise in several disciplines, including: Communication, Business Writing, Online Writing, Course Development & Design, Assessment, Project Management, E-learning, and Adult Education.

That’s me in a nutshell.

So where to from here?

To troubleshoot an online teaching problem, check out the Blog.

Or, if you just want to connect with other passionate teachers out there changing the world, come join my 16K+ strong Twitter community.

Thanks for stopping by!

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