List of Papers Taught: Liz Hardy


Adult Education


  • Manage Learning Events for Adult Education and Training
  • Design a Course for Adult Education and Training
  • Learning Design for Dynamic Contexts
  • Professional Practice and Leadership in Adult Learning
  • Theoretical Principles of Adult Learning
  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners and Contexts
  • Culturally Safe and Inclusive Adult Learning Environments
  • Leading and Supporting Other Practitioners in an Adult Learning Environment
  • Promote Teaching Environments that Give Primacy to Learners
  • Decision-Making, Innovation and Change in the Adult Learning Environment
  • Facilitate Learner-Led Interactive Learning Sessions for Adult Learners
  • Plan for Delivery of Learning Sessions for Adults
  • Manage Assessment Within an Organisation
  • Evaluate Adult Learning Sessions
  • Design and Evaluation of Assessment Materials in Adult Learning
  • Demonstrate Knowledge of Approaches to Research in Education
  • Demonstrate Knowledge of Ethics in Research in Education
  • Moderate Assessment
  • Critically Evaluate and Improve Own Professional Knowledge and Practice in Adult Education and Training
  • Demonstrate and Apply Knowledge of Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Tertiary Study Skills

Online Teaching & Learning


  • Facilitating Online Learning ExperiencesInstructional Design for E-learning
  • Transforming Learning Experiences
  • Demonstrate Knowledge of Support Systems Required for the Provision of Open, Flexible, and Networked Learning
  • Develop Materials for Open, Flexible, and Networked Learning
  • Facilitate Learning in an Open, Flexible, and Networked Learning Environment

Communications & Writing


  • Business Communication
  • Plain English for Professional Purposes
  • Academic Writing
  • Writing for the Web
  • Professional and Technical Writing
  • Business Enterprise Communication Technology
  • Write an Analytical Report
  • The Principles and Practice of Professional Communication
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