what to tweet 10 tweet ideas

What to Tweet: 10 Tweet Ideas for Online Teachers

Oh, what to tweet? What to tweet?

For many online teachers and coaches, finding something worthy to tweet about is a real dilemma.

But this problem is easily solved.

Because as online teachers, we change the world every day.
Our work is meaningful by definition.

Of course we have plenty to share on Twitter!

So finding the right topics is simple and intuitive.
Believe me, if you teach online, you’re doing tweet-worthy things every single day.

Let me show you what I mean.

What To Tweet if You Teach Online or Coach Clients

1.  Teaching tips10 tweet ideas

If you’ve had a recent breakthrough with your teaching, or have learned a better way of doing something, I bet other people could benefit from hearing about it.

Share your knowledge, add value to the teaching community, and showcase your competence – all at the same time.

2.  Useful resources

Do you have a go-to resource that you use often, and couldn’t live without?

Do you think your Twitter community might find it valuable, too?
Tell them about it.

3.  Websites and blogs

There are many high-quality blogs around these days that offer a wealth of helpful information and suggestions for teachers and trainers.

If you’ve found a good one, share it with others who could benefit.

4.  Interesting events

Are you going to a conference in the next few weeks?
Or are you just back from a seminar or professional development day?

Talk about what you’re looking forward to learning, or what you got out of a recent educational event.

5.  Your latest achievements

Did 90% of your students pass your course with flying colours?
Did you get a promotion?
Have you been recommended for an award or commendation?

Share your good news.

6.  Expert insights

Have you read an important article recently?
Or had an a-ha! moment after hearing an interview with an experienced trainer?

If you’ve been checking in with the experts, I bet you’ve learned something interesting.

Share those insights with your followers.

what to tweet strategies7.  Your newest publication

Getting published is a big deal!

You want people to know about it – and actually read your work.

Increase your audience by sharing a link to your latest article or post.

8.  Inspiring quotes

Because Twitter is such a shortened form of communication, quotes work well in this medium.

Do you have a favourite inspiring quote you return to often?

Or have you recently heard an uplifting idea from a public figure?
Spread some inspiration by tweeting about it.

9.  Positive stories

Sometimes you’ll be browsing online, and you’ll come across a wonderful story about how a teacher has changed lives.

Linking to the story on Twitter might just offer hope and inspiration to fellow teachers who are struggling with their own challenges.

10.  Support your colleagues

If a colleague is doing something newsworthy, ask them if you can talk about it on Twitter.

This way, you show your support for your fellow teacher, and also offer the teaching community a relevant update in the field.

As you can see, great tweet ideas are everywhere.
After all, our days are made up of interesting moments.

When you remember that, you’ll find it’s very easy to decide what to tweet about.

Image credit: vecteezy.com.

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