5 Dangerous Online Learning Myths

5 Dangerous Online Learning Myths (And How to Debunk Them)

There are many online learning myths out there.

Some are harmless, and quickly forgotten.
But others are more dangerous.

They have the potential to affect students’ progress and overall achievement.

That’s because the dangerous online learning myths establish unrealistic expectations for students.
They create an idyllic picture of online learning as being effortless and entertaining.

So the students who are new to distance study are in for quite a shock once they enrol in an online course.
Online learning involves a series of challenges, and this can come as a genuine surprise.


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Support Anxious Adult Learners Online

How to Support Anxious Adult Learners Online

Many adult learners find online learning sends their anxiety levels soaring sky high.

It’s not because they’re not up to the challenge.
It’s not because they don’t know how to turn on a computer.

But adult learners often come to the online learning environment with several barriers already in place.


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what to tweet 10 tweet ideas

What to Tweet: 10 Tweet Ideas for Online Teachers

Oh, what to tweet? What to tweet?

For many online teachers and coaches, finding something worthy to tweet about is a real dilemma.

But this problem is easily solved.

Because as online teachers, we change the world every day.
Our work is meaningful by definition.

Of course we have plenty to share on Twitter!

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simplify your online teaching approach

8 Ways To Simplify Your Online Teaching Approach

In online teaching, simpler is usually better!

Most online students start out feeling overwhelmed – perhaps as early as week one of your course.

Usually, they’re juggling work, family, and a range of other commitments.
As they already feel time-poor and harassed, they often see online learning as complicated and frustrating…


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how to use hashtags on twitter

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: The 4 Minute Guide for Teachers

Do you need some serious guidance on how to use Twitter hashtags?

You’re not alone.

Many online teachers and coaches don’t know how to use hashtags.
So most of us just ignore hashtags altogether.

Does it even matter? Why use hashtags at all?
I think it does matter.

If you’re not using hashtags on Twitter, fewer people will hear your message.

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how to teach online like a superhero

How to Teach Online Like a Superhero

I believe online teachers are real life superheroes.

Of course we are.

We impart new skills and knowledge.

We change lives by offering our students a different future.

In fact, we make the world a better place every day.

And we don’t even need a cape or a sleek, shiny futuristic car to do it!

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