Zen And The Art Of Online Teaching

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In the middle of a busy day of online teaching, the calming sound of a trickling stream may be impossible to imagine.   There’s no room for restful imagery today.   Instead, you furiously multi-task between multiple student demands, administrative responsibilities, and a large pile of unmarked work waiting to be graded.... (more…)

How To Teach Online Using Humor: What Works

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When you teach online, you’re always looking for ways to make your job easier, and your students’ experiences more satisfying.   Humor is an online teaching tool that can help you achieve both of those goals.   But this tool is more powerful than it looks. It pays to think carefully about how you’ll use it... (more…)

Twitter Profiles Should SING! Does Yours?

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An Easy Twitter Strategy for Online Teachers & Education Businesses...   Twitter profiles are vitally important on this social media platform. Your profile is the first stop for all your potential new contacts. It’s effectively a decision-making tool. It helps people decide whether to follow you – or to engage with you at all. So Twitter profiles have to be worth ...

Teachers on Twitter: 20 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid!

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It’s easy for teachers on Twitter to feel a little out of their depth.   You probably have zero time to learn about hashtags and retweets, followers and engagement. (I already know the secrets of Twitter success, by the way, so if you need help, just ask.) The problem with social media is that it’s so public. That exposes you ...

Double Your Online Teaching Credibility in 10 Minutes

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When you teach online, many of your skills and achievements go unnoticed.   Your colleagues don’t see you often. They don’t really know that much about you. And your students read your emails, and respond to your feedback. But overall, they know less about you than your colleagues do. This kind of invisibility is certainly frustrating. But even worse – it can ...