Have You Ever Been Amazed by What Passes for Professional Development?


Too often, it involves activities like: Professional development can be frustrating

  • Travelling across the country to irrelevant conferences
  • Drawing with crayons on brown paper, and calling it ‘brainstorming’
  • All-day training on a tool you’ll never use
  • Playing mini-golf in teams wearing matching silly hats, or
  • Walking around waving your arms every hour to ‘shake up the energy in the room’
    (For the record, I’ve actually been on a course that demanded I do that).

What are the benefits of this kind of professional development?
There are none.

Isn’t this a woeful waste of your precious time?

And did your workload and commitments wait for you while you wasted those 2 days?
Oddly enough, no.

Now you’re highly irritated AND behind with your work.
The only skill you developed is an increased tolerance for aspirin.


That’s why I’ve developed a new kind of professional development for online teachers…

It’s fast, it’s practical – and it works! Professional development can help


What if you could do some professional development that would actually help you – starting today (not in some fictional future when you have the spare time and energy)?

Here’s how this training is different from what you’ve seen before:

  • It’s fast – Because online teachers don’t have time to get caught up in 25 modules they’ll never finish.
  • It’s practical – You can apply these strategies right now.
  • It’s effective – These are real-world tactics that work.


Let’s solve three of the most pressing problems for online teachers


Online teachers face a hundred challenges, but these resources address three of the thorniest ones:

  1. How to survive when you’re new to online teaching,
  2. How to finally get the recognition you deserve for all your hard work, and
  3. How to set new students up for success.

Here’s what they cover.

Hunting & Gathering 101E-learning StardomE-learning 101 cover frame

This is the easiest way to prepare for your first online teaching role.

With these insider tips, you’ll look like you’ve been teaching online for years.


Online teachers do SO MUCH work – so where are the rewards?

This course puts you on the fast-track to getting the recognition you deserve.


Don’t you wish your new students had a guidebook for learning online? Now they do!
This practical e-learning manual will help set your students up for success.

Learn more…


Learn more…


Learn more…



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