E-learning 101 cover frameEver Wished You Had an E-learning Starter Kit for New Students?


Now you do.

E-learning 101 addresses the issues your students struggle with every day.

This practical manual helps you set your students up for success – without doing more work!


Christopher Pappas A useful resource for e-learning professionals who are looking for an accessible e-learning guide for their students.

Christopher Pappas
Founder, eLearningIndustry


It’s a fact that many students are simply not ready to take classes online.


They don’t know what to expect – or how to cope with the rigors of online learning.

And as you know, this has serious consequences.
They include:

  • Lower course completion figures
  • A lot more work for you to explain e-learning fundamentals
  • Negative student feedback, and
  • Potential damage to your professional standing.

The bottom line is that many students need specialist help to succeed at online learning.

But you don’t have time to provide it, right?
You already have your hands full running your classes.

E-learning 101 To the Rescue!


Sue Dwan I love your book, I really do! It is a mine of information and I love the strategies and tips; love the humour too! It is a fabulous resource for new learners. I couldn’t wait to see what was on the next page!

Sue Dwan
Director, Dwan & Associates


How E-Learning 101 Works


E-learning 101 is a user’s guide to learning online.
These 40+ pages provide the kind of practical help you just don’t have time to offer yourself.

When your students are prepared for the challenges of e-learning, they achieve better outcomes, for themselves – and for you.

You start to see:

  • Higher course completion rates
  • A smaller workload, as your students become more independent
  • Happy students who give positive feedback, and
  • More of the professional recognition you deserve.

E-learning 101 can help you achieve these kinds of outcomes.

Each of these 6 lessons deals with a common student challenge, and demystifies the online learning process at the same time.


Helen Baggott Dr. Liz’s book is a brilliant piece of psychology. She writes in a chatty, friendly way – don’t fear this is just another dry old piece of text book writing … it will help you get to grips with what’s ahead and allow you to face up to the challenge of e-learning.

Helen Baggott,
Editor, HelenBaggott


What’s in the Guide?


Here’s what you’ll find inside…

  • Introduction

How to read & apply the lessons.

  • Lesson 1: Who’s afraid of technology?

Easy ways to conquer your fear of learning technology.

  • Lesson 2: Too busy to study?

Practical time management for new students.

  • Lesson 3: How to study when you don’t feel like it

The art of self-motivation.

  • Lesson 4: Can’t it wait ’til tomorrow?

Procrastination can be overcome!

  • Lesson 5: When deadlines attack

Simple ways of submitting work on time.

  • Lesson 6: Is there anyone out there?

Avoiding isolation in online learning.

E-learning 101 is also packed with action steps and worksheets that keep your students engaged and focused.


Dena Cowen-WillisI found myself quoting some of the funny sentences to colleagues and drew them into a discussion about e-learning. E-learning 101 was a well thought out and relevant read – I trusted the voice it came from as one who had ‘been there and done it all’ before.

Dena Cowen- Willis
Learning & Development Advisor, Emerge Aotearoa


And Don’t Forget Your Bonuses…


Smart Ways to Deal With E-learning Forums cover


Online students often have a love/hate relationship with online discussion boards.

Smart Ways to Deal with E-learning Forums is a simple resource that helps get the resistant students on board, and ready to contribute to online discussions.

We’ll identify the four most common obstacles to discussion board participation – and offer simple, achievable ways around them.



10 Reasons to Love E-learning cover


10 Reasons to Love E-learning is designed to help make your students enthusiastic about learning online.

They’re more likely to engage with the course and make positive progress if they understand that e-learning can open them up to a whole new world of opportunities.

There’s a lot to love about e-learning – and here’s the proof!



G C Denwiddie As a former online Master’s student, I found the book to be extremely helpful and caught myself taking notes. For the person new to e-learning, E-Learning 101 provides a practical guide to introduce you to e-learning or help you brush up on your skills.

G. C. Denwiddie, The Indie Book Review


Who’s Behind E-learning 101?


I’m Dr. Liz Hardy, the founder of SimpliTeach.com, and an online teacher with 10 years’ experience.
I’ve taught 5,000+ online students in several disciplines, at all levels, from beginners to graduates.
You may have seen my articles at eLearningIndustry, the biggest online education community with a readership of 660,000+.

I know what works in an online teaching environment.
I’d like to save you the pain of having to work it out on your own.

Ready to Set Your Students Up For Success?


E-learning 101 is $19.95

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Of Course There’s a Money Back Guarantee!

If this is not the most practical, useful student resource you’ve seen, send me an email.
I’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

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