How to Write a Magic Online Teacher Bio

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Why is it so hard to write a good teacher bio?

After all, we spend most of our days writing – everything from constructive feedback on papers, to reassuring emails.

But when it comes to writing about yourself, many online teachers hit a wall…

It can be embarrassing to talk about your strengths and achievements.

It feels pushy and somehow egotistical.

But learning how to write an effective teacher biography is absolutely essential.

How a Good Teacher Bio Makes Your Job Easier

There are so many benefits of getting your online profile right.

A good teacher bio can have magical outcomes. It can:

  • Transform you from a faceless instructor to a human being your students can relate to
  • Get you more respect, and
  • Help you stand out – because everyone else is struggling to write their profiles, too!

But this doesn’t have to be the hardest writing task of the year…

Here’s how to turn your online teacher bio from blah to magic.

5 Essential Elements for a Magical Online Teacher Bio

  1. Outline your qualifications and experiencelist-your-quals-in-your-online-teacher-bio

These elements are the cornerstone of your teacher biography.

They do the heavy lifting for you, and explain why you got hired in the first place.

This element is also the best shortcut to establishing your authority.

If you’ve toiled for years to get all those letters after your name, own them and be proud!

  1. Summarize your publications

what-have-you-published-as-an-online-teacherChances are you do more than simply teach online.

If you’ve written, edited, or been consulted on books, articles, blog posts or course materials, people need to know that.

Why not get credit for all your additional work – and at the same time underline that you’re a published expert in your field?

  1. Include a little personal information

Nothing weird, of course.

Naturally, choose a personal tidbit that’s appropriate, and shows you in a good light.


If you have secret skating skills, or you can make a mean cherry cheesecake, for example, these hobbies will add a flourish to your profile.

They make you more approachable.

But not all ‘achievements’ have a place in your teacher bio.

You don’t need to mention that you hold the current world title for the most hotdogs eaten in an hour. Or that your famous chilli  is so hot it’s actually landed people in the ER.

You want to engage your readers, not terrify them.

  1. Use a warm tone

The primary audience for your teacher bio will be students.

In this electronic age, many students tune out the formal rhetoric they get through official channels.informality-works-in-a-teacher-biography

Clearly, you don’t have to write your teacher bio like a text message, or adopt an overly casual tone.

But students will respond better to warmth and some informality.

Using your own voice in a friendly yet professional way can make your learners feel more welcome, and part of an inclusive learning community.

  1. Don’t forget the photo

It’s too easy to not bother with a picture at all – or to use a holiday snap taken the last time you went somewhere exotic (even if that was several years ago).

But a current photo that’s in focus and clearly shows your smiling face can make a positive difference to your online teacher bio.


After all, we’re communicating in a learning environment that’s missing most of the visual cues that are the norm in a face-to-face classroom.

A photo warms up a setting that some students experience as sterile and cold.

A profile picture can also be added as your email avatar.

That’s a consistent reminder that your students are talking to a real live person who cares about their progress.

When you include these elements in your profile, you increase student engagement. You demonstrate that you’re a flesh and blood professional who deserves their respect.

These are magical achievements – and perfectly possible with a good teacher bio.

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