Critical praise for my book E-learning 101: It’s Not as Hard as it Looks


I love your book, I really do! It is a mine of information and I love the strategies and tips; love the humour too! It is a fabulous resource for new learners. I couldn’t wait to see what was on the next page
(5 stars).

Sue Dwan
Dwan & Associates

This is a wonderful book. It’s short, concise, gives clear advice, provides excellent worksheets, and even helps with procrastination and poor time management (5 stars).

Java Davis
The Kindle Book Review

I love an author who can get to the point without taking the long way to it. You know how I don’t love reading tons of case studies, long intros about why you should do something, and convoluted fluff to increase page counts. Dr. Hardy doesn’t do any of those things.liz-hardy-testimonials

Nicole Etolen
Pretty Opinionated

This nicely technological e-book is peculiarly satisfying… this manual truly works (5 stars).

Sheila Deeth
Books, Books and More Books

[E-learning 101] is the perfect example of well-written non-fiction. The graphics and layout are exemplary, AND the writing is polished and understandable (5 stars).

C. Denwiddie
The Indie Book Review

It’s a great resource and a must-have if you’re considering any online learning program!

Shannon Jarvies
The Tethered Mommy