Looking for someone to run an online course?

As you already know, you can’t hand the reins to just anyone.

You need someone who can:

  • Explain the course material (to keep students moving forward)
  • Dispel student anxiety (especially with new online learners)
  • Clear up student confusion quickly (ideally in the first email)
  • Provide constructive feedback (on time, not 3 weeks late), and
  • Create a sense of community (to help counter student isolation).

I do all of that as a matter of course in my working day.
And I’ve been doing it for ten years.


Here’s How I Work

I work mainly in the areas of Adult Education and Communications.

I’m usually teaching multiple courses, often for different organisations at the same time.

I love the variety – and I also love what it’s done for my time management skills.

I run the whole teaching operation from my professional home office, where I bend time with extensive list-making, and careful scheduling.


What Makes Me Different

Ten years’ experience and a raft of qualifications are not so unusual.

They’re a solid platform for a competent education professional.

So yes, I have that experience, and those qualifications.
But I also bring two more qualities to the table:

  1. I’m unusually versatile.

I like saying “yes” to new opportunities and challenges.
That’s why so far I’ve taught 34 different papers at a range of levels.

I know how to grab hold of a course, and run with it.

  1. I’m real.

I believe in bringing my whole personality to work.
That means students don’t get cold instructions from a faceless authority figure.

They interact with a real human being who understands the challenges they face…and wants to help them succeed.


Where to From Here?

My schedule is varied, and often flexible.
To check my current availability, just fill in the form below.

I’ll be back to you in 24 hours.

I look forward to meeting you!


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