Twitter profiles should sing

Twitter Profiles Should SING! Does Yours?

Twitter profiles are vitally important on this social media platform.

Your profile is the first stop for all your potential new contacts.

It’s effectively a decision-making tool.
It helps people decide whether to follow you – or to engage with you at all.

So Twitter profiles have to be worth reading.
In fact, they really need to sing.

And just like a popular song, effective Twitter profiles need to do two things.

•    Be memorable.

A catchy song will stick in your head, and be easy to remember.
Your profile needs to have a “hook” as well.

•    Make a connection.

I bet your favourite song “speaks” to you, and makes you feel something.
Your Twitter profile needs to do that too, and make it easy for people to find a point of connection with you.

Here’s how to make sure your profile can do both these things.

5 Ways to Make Twitter Profiles Sing

1.  Get the packaging right.Twitter profiles need a good photo

You won’t see many music videos where the singer is sitting around in sweats, looking bored.

Your profile picture is like your own music video.
How you present yourself has a big impact.

It’s essential to put some thought into how you want your network to see you.
But you don’t need to hire a team of professionals to make this happen.

A smiling, clear head-and-shoulders photo will be fine.
Ideally, look directly at the camera, as if you were making direct eye contact with your potential new followers.

2.  Think about your audience.

Twitter is a relatively informal platform.
It’s distinctly different from LinkedIn, say, which is much more business-like.

So effective Twitter profiles need to include something a little personal.
Ideally keep the political rants out of the picture, and guard against opening up about your more private moments.

But sharing some personal information or insights can surprise and delight your potential contacts.

Hobbies, skills, sports, obsessions and passions can help to make your profile stand out from the crowd, and be more memorable.

3.  Keep your message super focused.

Twitter profiles should be short and catchy


Twitter profiles only give you 160 characters to work with.
That’s essentially 2 sentences.

There’s no time to write a full scale opera here.

You can’t cram your childhood heroes, your goals, your teaching philosophy and your hopes for the world into 2 sentences.

So you have to choose your words carefully.
You need to pare your message down to the most important theme.

Think about the one thing you want your followers to know – or one specific action you want them to take.
And focus on that only.



4. Cut out extra noise.

And by ‘noise,’ I mean hashtags.
A lot of marketers will urge you to use hashtags in your profile, so that people searching for those key words may find you.

I think that’s a big mistake.

Because if you click on a hashtag in a profile, it takes you to a Twitter search for that key word.

That means a potential follower has just clicked away from your profile, and is now surfing through a thousand different radio stations.

All kinds of noise is now vying for his attention.
And your profile is quickly forgotten.

You want to hold your readers’ attention – not give them an excuse to go listen to someone else.

5. Show your readers what to do next.

Twitter profiles need a call to action
When you’ve caught a new follower’s attention with your Twitter profile, what then?
You must tell them what you want them to do next.

Your call to action might be an incentive to visit your website, or sign up to your mailing list.

So tell them how to do that.
Direct them to where they can hear more of your song.
You can do that by including a link at the end of your profile.

Extra tip: shorten your link by using is a link shortening website, which abbreviates long URLs into a handful of characters.

This saves you valuable space, and helps you stay within the character limit of your Twitter profile.

These insider Twitter tips will really help to get your profile ready to sing.

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    Dr Liz Hardy, love this one and your images are awesome! Yes, so many do not get their Twitter profiles right- that is the first step to making their Twitter accounts sing!

      Thanks for your feedback, Lisa. Twitter profiles are so easily overlooked but they can really “make or break” a Twitter account!

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