A Smarter Approach to Twitter


Are you struggling to get value from Twitter?

You keep hearing that it has real career or business benefits, but…

  • Who has time to figure it out?
  • Where do you even start?
  • And what can it really do for you, anyway?


Do it right, and you’ll find Twitter is surprisingly useful.

It’s a powerful, practical tool that delivers valuable results.
And it works for teachers, coaches and educational institutions.

Here’s what it can do for you…


If you’re a teacher or coach…

Twitter can:

  • Increase your visibility and enhance your personal brand
  • Expand your network world-wide, and
  • Connect you with new professional opportunities.

If you run an education business…

Twitter can:

  • Get you in front of an audience of educators
  • Allow you to listen in on what your customers want, and
  • Help to establish and promote your brand.


These benefits make Twitter directly relevant to your career or business.

But – of course – you have to be smart about how you approach it.

I can help you do that.

Just click on an option below.



Image credits: Brux @ canstockphoto.com

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