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Are You Sick of Being Invisible?

Teach Online Like a Rock Star will fix that.

This practical, can-do e-book will show you how to get noticed.

It’s a fact that online teachers are often completely invisible.
And that’s a massive problem.
Because online teachers do SO MUCH work.
And yet most of it is never seen.
When you’re flying under the radar professionally, you miss out – big time:

  • You miss out on making lucrative connections, because you work in isolation
  • You miss out on exciting opportunities, because no-one knows you have relevant skills and experience
  • You miss out on career progression, because no-one sees your work ethic or commitment to excellence, and
  • You miss out on being recognized for the miracles you make happen every single day.

That’s outrageously unfair!
But you can turn things around – starting right now.
Teach Online Like a Rock Star will show you how to step out of the darkness, and into the spotlight.

How Teach Online Like a Rock Star Works

The idea of raising your profile can seem overwhelming.
You already have enough work to do, right?
But what if I showed you some practical short-cuts to getting noticed professionally?
What if you could suddenly see a way to enjoy rewards like:

  • Being part of a big, active network
  • Getting access to more exciting career opportunities
  • Opening the door to promotion, and
  • Being recognized for making a difference?

Teach Online Like a Rock Star can help you achieve these kinds of outcomes.
Each of these 7 chapters shows you another practical way to become more visible.

This is really not an overwhelming process.
It’s a series of completely achievable steps that you can take one at a time.

What’s in the Book?

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

  • Chapter 1:  Visibility 101
    Get ready to be noticed by the people who can help your career.

  • Chapter 2:  Lights, Camera, Action!
    How to take a great professional photo and create the right impression.

  • Chapter 3:  Getting Media Attention
    The secrets of getting press coverage.

  • Chapter 4:  Raise Your Profile by Writing
    Easy ways to use articles to increase your influence and visibility.

  • Chapter 5:  Building Your Network
    4 methods for expanding your reach far beyond the teacher’s staff room.

  • Chapter 6: Social Media for Online Teachers
    Turn social media from a waste of time into a useful tool.

  • Chapter 7:  Claim Your Rewards
    How to turn increased visibility into career advancement.

Who’s Behind Teach Online Like a Rock Star?

I’m Dr. Liz Hardy, the founder of SimpliTeach.com, and an online teacher with 10 years’ experience.
I’ve taught 6,000+ online students in several disciplines, at all levels, from beginners to graduates.
You may have seen my articles at eLearningIndustry, the biggest online education community with a readership of 660,000+.
I know what it’s like to type my fingers to the bone and have no-one notice.
I got really sick of the situation, and figured out how to fix it.
I’d like to show you how to do the same.

Let Me Help You Get the Rewards You Deserve

Teach Online Like a Rock Star is $19.95


Of Course There’s a Money Back Guarantee!
If this is not the most practical online teacher training you’ve ever done, send me an email.
I’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

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