what to tweet 10 tweet ideas

What to Tweet: 10 Tweet Ideas for Online Teachers

Oh, what to tweet? What to tweet?

For many online teachers and coaches, finding something worthy to tweet about is a real dilemma.

But this problem is easily solved.

Because as online teachers, we change the world every day.
Our work is meaningful by definition.

Of course we have plenty to share on Twitter!

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how to use hashtags on twitter

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: The 4 Minute Guide for Teachers

Do you need some serious guidance on how to use Twitter hashtags?

You’re not alone.

Many online teachers and coaches don’t know how to use hashtags.
So most of us just ignore hashtags altogether.

Does it even matter? Why use hashtags at all?
I think it does matter.

If you’re not using hashtags on Twitter, fewer people will hear your message.

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20 Twitter Tips for Online Teachers

20 Practical Twitter Tips for Online Teachers

Twitter is a seriously overlooked professional tool for online teachers.

 It’s so much more than a time-wasting distraction for teenagers.

Use it the right way, and it becomes a career-boosting tool.
Online teachers can increase their visibility, develop their networks, and get access to a whole world of teaching opportunities that are simply not available locally.

So how can online teachers get the most out of Twitter?

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5 Surprising Ways Twitter Can Help With Online Teaching

5 Surprising Ways Twitter Can Help With Online Teaching

For the longest time, I could see no way to connect online teaching with Twitter.

Twitter was like some annoying, large exotic bird.

Oh, I could hear it squawking, alright.
I could see it hopping around my backyard.

But I was far too busy with my online teaching load to bother making friends with a wild blue bird…


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Twitter profiles should sing

Twitter Profiles Should SING! Does Yours?

Twitter profiles are vitally important on this social media platform.

Your profile is the first stop for all your potential new contacts.

It’s effectively a decision-making tool.
It helps people decide whether to follow you – or to engage with you at all.

So Twitter profiles have to be worth reading.
In fact, they really need to sing.


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Twitter for Teachers

Teachers on Twitter: 20 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid!

It’s easy for teachers on Twitter to feel a little out of their depth.

You probably have zero time to learn about hashtags and retweets, followers and engagement.

The problem with social media is that it’s so public.
That exposes you to the risk of public embarrassment.
If you make a blunder, chances are someone will see it.
So Twitter mistakes have the potential to damage your reputation and your credibility.


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