simplify your online teaching approach

8 Ways To Simplify Your Online Teaching Approach

In online teaching, simpler is usually better!

Most online students start out feeling overwhelmed – perhaps as early as week one of your course.

Usually, they’re juggling work, family, and a range of other commitments.
As they already feel time-poor and harassed, they often see online learning as complicated and frustrating…


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20 Twitter Tips for Online Teachers

20 Practical Twitter Tips for Online Teachers

Twitter is a seriously overlooked professional tool for online teachers.

 It’s so much more than a time-wasting distraction for teenagers.

Use it the right way, and it becomes a career-boosting tool.
Online teachers can increase their visibility, develop their networks, and get access to a whole world of teaching opportunities that are simply not available locally.

So how can online teachers get the most out of Twitter?

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Teach online with Einstein

6 Online Teaching Lessons From Albert Einstein

Inspiration for online teaching can appear in surprising places.

Who says it should be confined to conferences or journal articles?

When you teach online, the words of celebrated thinkers can offer plenty of food for thought.  And Albert Einstein provides a perfect example…


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How to make a Reference List

How to Make A Reference List (It’s Not Magic)

This quick reference guide involves zero black magic.

But many new students are convinced that referencing is the work of the devil.
They take one look at all those rules about dates, commas, italics and brackets – and flip out.

Right away, referencing starts getting weird.


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Dealing with student email when you teach online

5 Ways To Survive A Student Email Avalanche

When you teach online, your inbox is always overflowing with student email. 

And if you don’t check your messages for a day or two, look out!
When you do open your email it’s like watching an avalanche coming roaring down a mountainside – straight towards you…


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Online Teachers Are Not Elvis Impersonators

We’re Online Teachers, Not Elvis Impersonators!

When you teach online, it’s vital to let your real personality shine through.

Authenticity and honesty help to make a genuine connection with your students.
It’s a terrible idea to try and be something you’re not.

Your students don’t want to see a sweaty man in a tight jumpsuit impersonating a legend.


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online teaching takes superpowers

Only Superheroes Teach Online

Every online teacher has a particular superpower.
What’s yours?

Online teaching already involves several non-negotiable core skills.

At the very least, you’ll need to be:

• Qualified and experienced

• A good communicator (and natural mentor)

• Technologically-savvy, and

• An expert in your field.

A genuine passion for online teaching, and a healthy dose of patience also help.

That’s not a bad skill set!

But there’s one more thing you use to teach online: your personality.


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