20 Twitter Tips for Online Teachers

20 Practical Twitter Tips for Online Teachers

Twitter is a seriously overlooked professional tool for online teachers.

 It’s so much more than a time-wasting distraction for teenagers.

Use it the right way, and it becomes a career-boosting tool.
Online teachers can increase their visibility, develop their networks, and get access to a whole world of teaching opportunities that are simply not available locally.

So how can online teachers get the most out of Twitter?

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30 Teacher Quotes Guaranteed to Improve Your Day

Teacher quotes are not like self-help slogans.

You know the ones – we’ve heard them so many times, they’ve lost all meaning:

  • Life is short, do what matters
  • Change your mind, change your life, or
  • Follow your dreams.

These are not inspiring calls-to-action; they’re a wave of white noise clichés we’ve been tuning out for years.

Quotes about teaching are different…


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