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Lesson 7rewards of elearning fame

The Rewards of E-learning Fame


At the beginning of the course, we talked about the many disadvantages of being professionally invisible.

These include:

  • Missing out on making lucrative connections, because we work in isolation
  • Missing out on exciting opportunities because no-one knows we have relevant skills and experience
  • Missing out on career progression because no-one sees our work ethic or commitment to excellence, and
  • Missing out on being recognized for the miracles we make happen every single day.

Each one of these elements leads to feelings of disappointment and failure.
And in combination, they practically guarantee that you won’t get the professional recognition you deserve.

But with what you know now, things have changed.

And in this lesson, I want to show you how to apply what you’ve learned.

You no longer have to languish in obscurity and just keep hoping that someone (anyone!) will notice all the amazing work you do.

Let’s look at the specifics of how those missed opportunities have turned into open doors for career development.


1.   Lucrative connections are not only possible – you’re adding them to your network every day.


When your work is appearing on websites, publications and social media, people start to hear about you, and what you do.
Your name becomes familiar, and trusted.
You develop a reputation for excellence.

(And don’t look now – but you’ve suddenly become a credible brand!)

You’re no longer working in isolation, but as part of an engaged network of like-minded professionals who are interested in hearing more about your work.


2.   Exciting opportunities are easier to find because your skills and experience are showcased in public.


exciting opportunities

When you’re sharing your high quality work on an international stage, you become more visible to decision-makers.

If a hiring manager sees your latest article on social media, you move onto her radar.

If your line manager sees that you’re getting public recognition for your work and profile, you become more valuable to your current organization, too.
Internal vacancies may open up to you as a result.

And if you see an opportunity you want to actively pursue yourself, you’re no longer just another anonymous online teacher no-one’s ever heard of.

Instead, you’re an established figure with a publication profile, a social media following, and a crystal clear idea of how your work is valuable.

(We just keep on coming back to your Unique Sales Proposition, don’t we?
See how useful it is?).


3.   Career progression becomes easier to achieve


It’s not just new opportunities that become more likely.

Progression within your current organization also becomes easier.

Now that your work ethic, and commitment to excellence has been proven in many public outlets, your next performance review is going to go incredibly well.

Your line manager doesn’t need to take your word for how hard you work.
Your public body of work and growing reputation proves it for you.

This puts you directly in line for promotion, but also for interesting additional opportunities, such as research projects, professional development, or further training.


4.   It now becomes normal to be recognized for doing great work.


Before you decided to raise your profile, the idea of your work being praised, noticed, or even acknowledged, was simply ludicrous.

The occasional “thank you” from a student felt like a miracle then.

But not now.
Now, more than a handful of people will notice when you achieve fantastic results, or try a new innovative approach in your teaching.

Constructive feedback, positive comments and lively community discussion all help to remind you that you’re not working in a vacuum.

When you have a public profile and are part of a wide network, you get regular affirmation and confirmation that your work matters.

(And seeing your name in print or online somehow never gets old!
It does a lot more for your morale than those private pep-talks with yourself ever did.)


How Famous Do You Want to Be? how famous do you want to be


One of the best things about the process of becoming more visible is that you can control how far you want to take it.

Do you simply want greater recognition within an institution that seems to have forgotten you exist?

If so, you can focus on increasing your internal visibility when applying the techniques we’ve talked about here.

And, if you have high-flying ambitions that involve a stellar rise to the top, that’s possible, too.

You simply invest more time and energy in the tactics we’ve talked about here, and scale the model up to achieve large results.

Either way, there’s no doubt about it:

Increased visibility as an online teacher leads to greater recognition and more opportunities for professional success.
That just can’t happen for anonymous teachers working away in the dark.

See you on the red carpet!

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