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Welcome to the Course!


When you’ve been teaching online for a while, you may wonder if you’re related to The Invisible Man.
You feel like the Invisible Man or Woman

I’ve seriously considered digging around my family history to find the ancestral link.

Because online teachers do SO MUCH work.
And yet most of it is never seen.

Sure, students sometimes say “thank you” for your efforts.
And when your class achieves good results, that reflects well on you, too.

But the vast majority of the work we do flies way under the radar.

And that means we’re missing out – big time:

  • We miss out on making lucrative connections, because we work in isolation
  • We miss out on exciting opportunities, because no-one knows we have relevant skills and experience
  • We miss out on career progression, because no-one sees our work ethic or commitment to excellence, and
  • We miss out on being recognized for the miracles we make happen every single day.

This is outrageously unfair!

But you can turn things around – starting right now.

I’m not talking about finding dazzling overnight global fame.
Or being interviewed on a daytime talk show.

I’m simply talking about throwing off this Cloak of Invisibility, and starting to get some long-deserved rewards for all the hard work you do.

It’s high time, don’t you think?

Let’s jump in!

Lesson 1: Visibility 101

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