Welcome to my private Training Pre-Launch!private training

If you’re here, it’s because I’ve personally invited you to take a sneak peek at a new kind of training I’ve created.

Too many training courses leave you feeling worse than before you started…
It seems you’ve been doing everything wrong – and you’d somehow better find another 20 hours in your week to fix it.

That’s ridiculous. And savagely depressing.

So I’ve created something better.
This training will actually help you – starting today (not in some fictional future when you have the spare time and energy).

Here’s how this training is different from what you’ve seen before:

  • It’s fast – because online teachers don’t have time to get caught up in 25 modules they’ll never finish.
  • It’s practical – these strategies can be implemented starting right now.
  • It’s effective – these are real-world tactics that work.

Before I officially launch these courses to my audience, I’m looking for some feedback on how well these products work.

So as a valued member of my professional network, I’m offering you the chance to sample them for free.
I’d really love to hear what you think – just a brief emailed comment or two would be great.

What does the training cover?

These courses cover the two most pressing problems for online teachers:

  1. How to hit the ground running when you’re just starting out with online teaching, and
  2. How to finally get the recognition you deserve for all your hard work.

Let me know which one you’d like to take, using the form below.

I’ll send you a link to the course of your choice.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

 Hunting & Gathering 101


 E-learning Stardom
Welcome to the Course

Lesson 1: How to Crush Your Fears With a Big Wooden Club

Lesson 2: Taming Your New Environment

Lesson 3: Communication is Your Most Powerful Tool

Lesson 4 : What to Expect From Online Students

Lesson 5: How NOT to Get Eaten Alive!

Welcome to the Course

Lesson 1: Visibility 101

Lesson 2: Lights, Camera, Action!

Lesson 3: Meet the Press

Lesson 4: Raise Your Profile by Writing

Lesson 5: Building Your Network

Lesson 6: Social Media for Online Teachers

Lesson 7: The Rewards of E-learning Fame

Which course would you like to try for free?

Let me know here…

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