How to Build Confidence in Your Online Students


Dropout rates are always a problem in online courses.

Online students drop out for dozens of reasons.
Some of these you can’t fix.

And some you can. Like this one, for instance:

Many new online students need help building confidencehow to build confidence in your students

  • Some take one look around the new learning environment, and turn and run.
    Your dropout rates just spiked.
  • Others panic, and shout for help – by emailing you. So you invest time in helping them. And then they dropout.

What if you could show both groups how to build confidence… without doing hours of extra work?

Well, now you can.

how to build confidence in online studentsThe Little Box of E-Learning Miracles does most of the work for you.

These 7 done-for-you templates are the quickest way to get your students e-learning ready.

Fill in the blanks, and send the templates as course emails to your students.
Or post them in your LMS as a series of announcements.

These templates:

  • Save you time and aggravation by answering FAQs before they’re asked
  • Provide written instructions that learners can revisit as necessary
  • Present key information in bite-sized pieces that won’t overwhelm panicking students.

These messages speak to nervous students, and show them how to build confidence – before they drop out, or start sending you dozens of emails.


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