how to use hashtags on twitter

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: The 4 Minute Guide for Teachers

Do you need some serious guidance on how to use Twitter hashtags?

You’re not alone.

Many online teachers and coaches don’t know how to use hashtags.
So most of us just ignore hashtags altogether.

Does it even matter? Why use hashtags at all?
I think it does matter.

If you’re not using hashtags on Twitter, fewer people will hear your message.

It’s like speaking into a microphone that’s not turned on.

Now, of course most online teachers and coaches don’t have the time or energy to become hashtag experts.

But you don’t need a degree in social media to master this topic.
In the next 4 minutes, you’ll learn how to use hashtags on Twitter like a seasoned professional.

Let’s dive in.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is essentially a keyword that functions as a search term.
why use hashtags

By adding hashtags to the right words, people are more likely to find your tweet.

Simple, right?

Why use hashtags at all?

There are 2 main reasons to use hashtags on Twitter:

  1.  Research proves they double reader engagement and get 55% more retweets.
  2.  They make your tweet easier to find.

That means you can increase your visibility and your reach by using hashtags on Twitter.

Where should you use hashtags?

You can incorporate a hashtag into a sentence, like this:

Online #teachers are natural superheroes! What are your special powers?

Or you can add one to the end of your tweet, like this:

Online #teachers are natural superheroes! What are your special powers?  #elearning

How do you choose the right hashtags on Twitter?

Believe me, this is a massive to use twitter hashtags
You could spend entire days researching this one.

But we’re keeping things simple here, right?

So here’s the bottom line.

You need to choose hashtags that people are searching for.
There’s no point in trying obscure keywords that no-one will ever use.

The first stage of finding relevant hashtags is to brainstorm.

Make up a rough list of the keywords you want to use in your tweet.
These could end up as your hashtags.

Once you have your draft list, you need to assess which hashtags will work for you.

There are three ways to choose the best hashtags on Twitter:

  1.  Do a Twitter search on your potential hashtag.Enter your target word into the search box on Twitter.
    Is there a vibrant conversation going on around this hashtag?That’s a good sign. It means your hashtag is popular and worth trying.
  2. See which hashtags the influencers are using.Go to the Twitter account of an influencer in your field.
    Scroll through their tweets, and note which hashtags they use.Do they match any on your list? Or perhaps give you some new ideas?
  3. Use a hashtag tool.There are hashtag analysis tools a-plenty out there on the internet.
    My favourite hashtag tool is Ritetag (it’s free).You just enter your potential hashtag into the search box, and take note of its search volumes and popularity.
    The tool does the analysis for you.

Using these simple methods, you’ll soon have a shortlist of viable Twitter hashtags.

How many hashtags should you use?

Have you ever seen a tweet that’s basically one messy long string of hashtags?
Needless to say: don’t do that.

Limit your hashtags to 2, or 3 at the maximum.

Your message is the main feature – the hashtags are there to help it get seen. They’re not the message itself.

That’s really all there is to it!

Now you know all about how to use hashtags on Twitter.
It’s easier than it looks, isn’t it?

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