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How to Offer Elearning Help – Without Checking Your Inbox

How many of your students email you every day, asking for elearning help?

I get a tonne of these emails!
But many of them are asking the same basic questions.

What if you could offer simple elearning help – without typing yet another email?

Students would receive the guidance they need. And you could get on with your work.

There’s a really easy way of building elearning help right into your course. It’s quick, it requires no technical skills, and it can massively reduce your volume of repetitive student emails.

Here’s how you do it… elearning help for online students

Set up a FAQ page in your LMS.

Simple, isn’t it?

With a FAQ page, you give your students a central source of information.

It becomes their first port of call for common questions.

And better still, a FAQ page trains students to look online for the answers they need – before they email you.

You’re reducing your workload, and helping to create more independent learners at the same time.

You Don’t Have to be a One-Person E-learning Help Desk

Many online students are incredibly busy. They’re often impatient learners who are used to instant, Google-style answers.

Of course, that’s not how a LMS – or elearning itself – works.
While the LMS tabs and sections are carefully structured and labelled, the learner must be willing to navigate to the relevant information.

online students need elearning helpThat’s irritating for students in a hurry. It’s easier for them to ask you for the answers they need.

This is problematic for two reasons.

1. Students become more dependent on you than they should be. This stops them developing the independent study skills necessary for successful e-learning.

2. Answering basic questions over and over takes up vast amounts of your time, and adds more pressure to your already large workload.

But a FAQ page solves both problems.

It saves time for you, by offering a centralised form of virtual guidance.

And it trains students to search for the information they need – independently – in the LMS.

What Kind of E-learning Help Can a FAQ Page Provide?

A FAQ page is designed to be a quick, at-a-glance source of information.

You want to cover the basics that could be stopping your students making progress.
Try making a list of the questions you routinely answer again, and again. Which topics do your students need instant answers to?

Your list could include, for example:online students help

  • A summary of assignment deadlines and word limits
  • A link to the referencing requirements and instructions
  • The answer to whether the discussion boards are compulsory
  • Discussion board posting deadlines, and
  • How long you take to grade and return work.

These are some of my most frequently asked questions.
I bet you’ll have your own you could add to this list.

Once you have your list of questions and answers, publish it to a central location in your LMS.
And tell your students directly that this kind of e-learning help is available.
Send a course-wide Announcement, and add a new thread in the Discussion Boards which links to the new page.

Point out to your students that this resource can save them time, and reduce their stress.
It should be their go-to destination for common questions.

When you set up an effective FAQ page, you can offer e-learning help and support to your students – without going anywhere near your Inbox.

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