Need a Little Help Teaching Online?

Help! Teaching online is harder than it looks…

need some help teaching online
A lot has been written about helping students adjust to the virtual classroom.

But what about online teachers?

We need support, too.
But often, there’s none to be found.

The virtual classroom can be a profoundly lonely workplace.

Especially if your colleagues work on different campuses or even cities, rather than sitting in the office next to you.

So what do you do when you need a little help teaching online?

You might:

  • Send an SOS email to a colleague you’ve met a couple of times
    (and hope she can actually help)
  • Scan the e-learning forums to see what other people have done in your situation
    (but this can take hours)
  • Write a formal email to your managers (and wonder if they’ll support you).

And then you wait – and wait some more – for a useful response.

You might pass the time by ignoring your urgent workload, quietly taking another handful of aspirin and scanning the Situations Vacant notices.

Or you could try an easier way. You could talk to me.

How I Help Teaching Professionals Stay Sane

I offer email advice packages tailored to your needs, and the challenges of teaching online.

You get 3 major benefits:get support in your virtual classroom

(1)  We fix the problem fast, and you get your life back.

I respond quickly. We’ll fix things before they get out of control and devour too much of your precious time.

(2)  The advice is confidential.

Confide in the wrong person, and everyone will hear about the problem.

Then you’ll be stressed by the situation and embarrassed that everyone knows about it.

(3)  You’re talking to an expert.

I’ve taught several thousand students in 23 online courses, from beginners to graduates. I’ve had in-the-trenches-experience with the many challenges of teaching online.

How it Works

1. Select your problem from the list below, and click the Order button.

2. You’ll get an email from me asking you to outline your situation.

3. Reply to that email.

4. I’ll get back to you with personal advice within 2 working days.

5. Love the advice, or let me know. I’ll simply refund you.

We’ll fix the problem together – before anyone even notices.

What Kind of Online Teaching Problem Are You Facing?

  • I’m New to Teaching Online Courses

Shocked by the realities of online teaching? (So was I!)

Get my personal advice on your most pressing challenge.

  • I Need a Confidential Colleague

Want some guidance on a teaching problem or student issue?

This confidential advice won’t end up on the office grapevine – or in your boss’ ear.

  • I Need to Send an Important Email

Nervous about sending a course-wide message, or a warning student email?

Run your tricky emails past an expert set of eyes before you hit Send.

  • I’m Under Attack

Suspect that a formal student complaint is being lodged right this minute?

I can help you protect yourself, and minimize the damage.


Are you struggling with a different issue? No problem. Just drop me a line, and I’ll see if I can help.

What Does it Cost?teaching online leads to good feedback

This personal advice package is $24.95.

It includes:

  • A tailored, confidential solution to your problem,
  • A free copy of my new e-book The Secrets of Good Student Feedback (value $11.95).

Help with teaching online is just a mouse click away.