Online Teaching Can be the Loneliest Job in the World


Many of us work alone – largely without backup or support.Liz Hardy

And that means:

  • When there’s a crisis, you’d better know how to deal with it yourself
  • When you need a second opinion, good luck finding one, and
  • When something great happens, no-one else even notices!

So what do you do when you need some advice, input or even just a friendly catch-up?

You probably sigh – and start grading the next batch of papers.

Not anymore!

With Colleague Connect, you get regular support from another flesh-and-blood online teacher who knows exactly how you feel.

That’s me.


What is Colleague Connect?


It’s a virtual support service for online teachers who could use a little backup.

We exchange 3 emails a month, and we talk about whatever’s going on in your working life.
(And if you don’t email me, I’ll email you to see how you’re getting on!)


Colleague Connect means the end of working in isolation, and coping with every single challenge on your own.


In my 10 years at the e-learning coalface with 5,000+ students, I’ve seen and experienced every online teaching challenge out there. I know how it feels to be your own crisis counsellor and cheering squad – all at the same time.


I Can Help You With:


  • Student issues (from rudeness to lack of engagement)
  • Managing overwhelming workloads
  • Getting started with online teaching
  • Working smarter
  • Getting more professional recognition for your hard work
  • Burnout

… and any other curve ball online teaching can throw at you.

As you can see from the articles I’ve published here on my Blog, and at eLearning Industry (which has 660,000+ monthly readers), I have more tips and tricks than you’ll ever need.

I’m known for providing can-do practical advice for online teaching challenges – just ask my 20,000+ Twitter followers or my happy readers and customers.


What Colleague Connect Includes


Here’s what you get when you sign up for Colleague Connect:

  • Personal advice tailored to your particular situation
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Constructive solutions
  • A fresh perspective, and
  • Complete confidentiality.

We’ll exchange 3 emails a month.

You get that experience of collegiality that’s normally not available when you teach online.
And you get direct access to my 10 years’ experience with the challenges and rewards of online teaching.


Ready to get the support you deserve?


Colleague Connect is the affordable way to make your job a whole lot easier.
It’s just $37.00 per month.


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