OnlineTeaching Credibility Boosters

Double Your Online Teaching Credibility in 10 Minutes

When you teach online, many of your skills and achievements go unnoticed.

Your colleagues don’t see you often.
They don’t really know that much about you.

And your students read your emails, and respond to your feedback.
But overall, they know less about you than your colleagues do.

This kind of invisibility is certainly frustrating.

But even worse – it can also damage your career, and your job satisfaction.
When no-one knows about your achievements, you often run into two problems…


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Online Teachers Are Not Elvis Impersonators

We’re Online Teachers, Not Elvis Impersonators!

When you teach online, it’s vital to let your real personality shine through.

Authenticity and honesty help to make a genuine connection with your students.
It’s a terrible idea to try and be something you’re not.

Your students don’t want to see a sweaty man in a tight jumpsuit impersonating a legend.


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